Taylor, Thomas /Papers


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File 2: Two photographs.

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Photographs of Rev Thomas Taylor and Maj Gen Sir John Dartnell, Natal Mounted Police



File 1: Two official documents; a letter from Thomas Taylor; and two sermons.

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KCM 91/20/1/1 Document sealed and signed by Robert Gray, Bishop of Cape Town, establishing Thomas Taylor as Deacon at St Paul's Church, Durban, 26 June 1864. Manuscript on parchment with seal

KCM 91/20/1/2 Document signed by Lt Govr Robert William Keate commissioning Taylor as Chaplain to the Natal Hussars, 31 August 186-. Manuscript on parchment (seal missing)

KCM 91/20/1/3 Letter from Thomas Taylor, at Moffat, Scotland (on sick leave), to Mr Lodwick, a Natal farmer, 25 June 1880

KCM 91/20/1/4 Sermon by Thomas Taylor, 15 January 1882

KCM 91/20/1/5 Sermon by Thomas Taylor, undated

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1864 - 1882

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Digital Index. 5 documents.

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