South African War /Papers



File 4: Newscuttings

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1896 - 1902

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Includes two typescript copies of extracts from "The Star" concerning the Jameson Raid



File 3: Contains dispatches, notes, reports, telegrams, correspondence and two articles on Boer women during the war

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Boer dispatches found on a captured dispatch rider, 1899 - 1900

Mafekeng siege notes, one veld pond note, telegrams, orders, reports, letters, 1900 - 1902

Correspondence concerning Killie Campbell's recollections of how her father warned Mr. Hector MacKenzie of an impending war with the Boers and how troops returning from India were diverted to Durban, 1934 - 1961

Material collected by R. Otto (1951) concerning Boer women during the South African War

"The Soul of a Boer Girl" - an account of an episode in the Colenso Battle area ;
"Boer Women in the trenches during Boer War" - an article

MS Item Dates

1899 - 1961



File 2: Letters, proclamations, diary entries, printed material, photographs. A lot of the material in this file relates to the Siege of Ladysmith.

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"The Ladysmith Bombshell", 1899

Diary entries of Stanley N.G. Jackson pertaining to life in Newcastle during the South African War, 11 October 1899 - 3 December 1899

Proclamation by M.T. Steyn, President of the Orange Free State, to the inhabitants of the Cape Colony, 14 October 1899

Account of the flight of a carrier pigeon with a despatch, signed by Colonel W. Royston, from Ladysmith during the siege, 7 November 1899

Issue of "The Ladysmith Lyre" printed during the Siege of Ladysmith, 15 December 1899

Natal Field Force Orders for Ladysmith, 27 December 1899 - 22 February 1900

"The Bombshell Poems" printed at Ladysmith during the siege, 1899 - 1900

Extract from "The Review of Reviews", section entitled "Character sketch: Baron Kitchener of Khartoum and of Aspall", 1900

Letter from H.L. Norton-Smith to his cousin during the Siege of Ladysmith, 15 January? 1900. Original and copies

Ladysmith Siege ration slips, 29 January 1900

Ladysmith Siege famine/food stuff price lists, 21 February 1900 - 12 March 1900

Military instructions including telegrams, March 1900 - June 1900

Letter written from Lieutenant N. Kirk to his cousin during the Siege of Ladysmith, 29 March 1900

Handscript in Dutch by Ms. C.J. Els of Mafeking, 16 May 1900

Lord Roberts' army orders - Field Marshall and Commanding-in-Chief in South Africa., 7 June 1900. Photocopy

Proclamation No. 17 of 1900 by Lord Roberts announcing the resignation of Mr. S.J.P. Kruger, former President of the South African Republic (ZAR), 14 September 1900

Letters and proclamations, many by Lord Kitchener, 1901

Letter and photograph from a Prisoner-of-War camp in Bermuda, 20 July 1902

Article entitled "Boer outrage in the Reserve - Dabulamanzi murdered. Despatch from the Resident", undated. Copy

Picture of shells thrown during the Siege of Ladysmith, undated

MS Item Dates

1899 - 1902



File 1: Correspondence between Colonel A. Hart and Phyllis Sterridan

MS Item Dates

1892 - 1900

MS Item Description

Includes a photograph of Colonel Hart

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