Cope, June /Papers


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1976 - 1997

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Correspondence, photographs and newspaper cuttings:

Some correspondence, which includes letters from Derk Crichton, Henry David, and Helen Suzman

Photographs, which include pictures of Mafeteng Hospital, Maseru, Lesotho

Newspaper cuttings, including reviews of June Cope’s book A Matter of Choice


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1973 - 1993

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Publications and reports:


Cope, J.  1993.   A Matter of Choice: Abortion Law Reform in Apartheid South Africa.  Pietermaritzburg : Hadeda Books

Revised memorandum to the Select Committee on the Abortion Reform Action Group (ARAG).  Compiled by June Cope.  5 Apr 1973.

Extract from a study on African school leavers. [Possibly from the publication: Perry, Ann. 1974. A study of the employment experiences and attitudes to employment among African secondary school leavers in Durban.  Johannesburg : S.A. Institute of Race Relations]

Documents relating to the National Convention to Advance Women’s Legal Rights, 1976

“Abortion in South Africa and attitudes of Natal Medical practitioners towards South African Abortion Legislation”, by Jean Westmore.  1977.  Communication of the Centre for Applied Social Sciences.  University of Natal, Durban.  (In collaboration with the Abortion Reform Action Group, Durban)


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September 1980 - September 1988

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Correspondence regarding June Cope's work on behalf of the T.F.R.I. and the I.W.H.C. in Lesotho. The material also details the operations of a clinic in Mafeteng which had been closed down under pressure from South Africa's Nationalist government


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March 1980 - November 1981?

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Correspondence regarding the KwaZulu nurse, Sybil Mohlaka


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April 1979 - March 1980

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Contains correspondence regarding the KwaZulu govenment's collaboration in the medical training of a KwaZulu nurse overseas


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October 1976 - March 1979

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Contains correspondence from Dr Henry David to the Abortion Reform Action Group (A.R.A.G.) regarding June Cope's work as research associate for T.F.R.I. The correspondence deals with work in KwaZulu and Transkei, and also refers to the overseas training of a KwaZulu government nurse


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1981 - 1988

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Reports written by June Cope as Southern African representative of the Transnational Family Research Institute (T.F.R.I.) of Washington to Dr David Henry, Director of this institute. Reports detail work in Kwa Zulu, Lesotho and Transkei

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