KwaZulu Natal Indaba /Papers

KZN Indaba/ Files 1-73

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Files 01-13 KwaZulu Natal Indaba correspondence
File 14 General correspondence
Files 15-16 Anti-Indaba correspondence, publications, newsletters, and newspaper cuttings
c1984-1987, undated
Files 17-19 Research into race relations: correspondence; questionnaires & surveys; population tables for Natal/KwaZulu and South Africa (1980-1985); results of surveys; responses to Indaba; and reports
File 20 Regional Service Council (RSC): correspondence; government gazettes (1985-1988); and Regional Services Councils Act (1985)
File 21 Government relations: reports; statistics; notes; and memoranda
File 22 The Joint Executive Authority (J.E.A.) for KZN: correspondence; unpublished papers; and media package
File 23 KwaZulu Natal Indaba: constitutional proposals; bills for provincial government of Natal; reports; and a conference paper by Herbert Beukes 'Framing representative democratic South Africa'
Files 24-25 Communications: newsletters; memoranda; reports; notes; and minutes
1987-1988, undated
Files 26-27 Indaba Economic Subcommittee documents: correspondence; memoranda; notes; minutes; reports; notices; and the Buthelezi Commission, no.s 1-27
Files 28-31 Associate Director: memoranda; unpublished reports; constitutional proposals; and press statement
1987-1988, undated
Files 32-33 Press statements
1987-1988, undated
Files 34-35 Summary of world broadcasts: daily and weekly reports
File 36 KwaZulu Natal Indaba newsletters
File 37 Anti-Indaba newsletters and stickers
File 38 Material relating to the African National Congress (ANC), Mass Democratic Movement, Pan Africanist Congress, and Institute for Democratic Alternatives for South Africa: report; notes; and a paper by Michael Sutcliffe 'Integration of facilities: results and conclusions from a survey of residents of Durban'
Files 39-43 Pamphlets, stickers, membership cards and postcards
1986 & 1989
Files 44-49 KwaZulu Natal Indaba newspaper cuttings
File 50 Newspaper cuttings: anti-Indaba; Mass Democratic Movement; China
File 51 Newspaper cuttings: ANC constitution (c1987-1989), structure (1989), strategy (1989), internal affairs (1989-90), profiles (1989), & history (1989)
Files 52-56 Newspaper cuttings: negotiations between ANC and National Party government; ANC & KwaZulu /youth /sport /and health; Congress of South African Trade Unions (1989); United Democratic Front (1989); SA Communist Party (1990); ANC and Democratic Party
Files 57-67 KwaZulu Natal Indaba: newspaper cuttings (undertaken by a commercial clipping service)
Files 68-70 African National Congress: newspaper cuttings (undertaken by a commercial clipping service)
File 71 Posters, placards and transparencies
File 72

6 videos: KwaZulu Natal Indaba (English & Zulu versions); English advancement program; South African dynamics - Indaba (Afrikaans version); BBC - Newsnight; and BBC Place in the Sun

File 72 136 audio cassettes: recordings of Indaba sessions (3 Apr-5 Dec 1986, & undated)
File 73 Banners, brochure, and other miscellaneous material
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