Book launch on the 2 June 2018: 'Umlando kaZulu', about the history of the Zulu Nation


Article that appeared in the University of KwaZulu-Natal's publication, UKZN NdabaOnline:


Book on the History of the Zulu Nation Launched

Umlando kaZulu (History of the Zulus), a book which covers a variety of issues such as the challenges related to the origin and establishment of the Zulu kingdom by its founder, King Shaka Zulu, was launched at UKZN’s Killie Campbell Library on 2 June 2018.

Attended by an audience of more than 50 historians, lecturers and artists, the launch featured discussions on Zulu history as well as current issues such as tribalism, racism, crime, poverty in rural areas, the Ingonyama Trust land question; the expropriation of land without compensation; education; politics and religion.

The launch was organised by the author Mrs Shalo Mbatha and UKZN’s Killie Campbell Africana Library.

Mbatha spent many years in exile during the apartheid era fighting for liberation after which she worked as a journalist at the SABC and more recently, Independent Media in Durban.

Mr Nhlanhla Mtaka, Editor and Bayede Newspaper Founder, who was the guest speaker at the launch, stressed the importance of knowing South African and family history. Mtaka said while many people knew the history of King Shaka Zulu, they knew little or nothing about the history of their own clan. He also stressed the importance of speaking “pure IsiZulu” as many people mixed languages causing great harm to the language. The book costs R200 per copy and can be ordered by dialling 079 260 0149.

Senzo Mkhize

UKZN NdabaOnline 13 June 2018 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 28 on the History of the Zulu Nation Launched