N.W.H.P./Files 1-13

MS Item Description: 
File 01 Constitution, activity reports and annual reports
File 02 Brochures
File 03 Minutes of steering committee and staff meetings
File 04

Correspondence: funding (1): general 1990-4; Trocaire 1985-6; Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference and EU 1992-5

File 05

Correspondence: funding (2): Liberty Life Foundation 1993-4; Aktionsgemeinschaft solidarische Welt e.v., 1991-2; terre des homes, 1992-5; Evangelisches missionswerk, 1993

File 06 Correspondence: funding (3): Adult Education Proposal Maputoland, Life histories of Women 1993; Jabu Ndlovu History and other, 1991; A new history of Natal 1990; Umlazi Educational Project 1993-4
File 07 Funding proposals
File 08 Correspondence: Natal ABE Support Agency (NASA); University of Natal; and other 1989-1995
File 09 "Women and Violence" project
File 10

Umlazi oral history project: evaluation; financial report; workshop notes; preliminary notes; Umkhumbane interview in Zulu

File 11 [Working life] oral history interviews and photographs, relating to the Worker Resistance in Natal Project and book "Divide and Profit" by Shamim Marie
File 12 KwaZulu-Natal NGO education and training sector meeting
File 13 South African Clothing and Textile Workers Union (SACTWU) history project: typed transcripts of interviews
Appendix 01 Appendix to SACTWU history project: primary and secondary documents associated with the history of SACTWU; garment unions such as GAWU, ACTWUSA (mergers); and Dunlop strike
Appendix 02 Photocopies of the "Garment Worker": 1936-1940; 1941-1947; 1965-1987
Appendix 03 Copy of publication, "Ukubamba amadolo" by Bettie du Toit. (1978). Banned by the apartheid regime