Bafuna umhlaba wabo eNanda Dam

Publication Type:

Newspaper Article


Phili Mjoli


Isolezwe Ngesonto (2008)


Inanda Dam, Isolezwe


This article is about a community forcibly removed to make way for the construction of the Inanda Dam. They are now demanding compensation.


<p>Translated Version<br /><br />THEY ARE DEMANDING THEIR LAND BACK AT INANDA DAM<br /><br />Isolezwe Ngesonto, Sunday March 30, 2008</p><p>Phili Mjoli<br /><br />More than 22 years after being forcibly removed from the place of their birth, with promises that new land would be purchased for them, the people of the Qadi clan, say if their demands to land are not met by the end of the week, they will meet in court with the government.<br /><br />People from emaQadini (Place of the Qadis), KwaNgcolosi and MaPhephetheni at Ndwedwe say they have spent 22 years living in the shacks in which they were put and told they would only stay in for a short while when they were moved to make way for the construction of the iNanda Dam. Yesterday, the 317 families marched to the offices of the Department of Land and Local Government in Durban demanding that the department, within five days, must make available to them the amount of R5.4 million it promised to the families but failed to deliver. <br /><br />Mr O’Brien Gcabashe, their spokesperson, said they have waited for 22 years for this money. The community also wants the Department of Traditional Affairs to pay them an amount of R5.6 million as compensation including interests which was not divulged. Claims are that this Department gave this amount to Chief Mzonjani Ngcobo, and it ended up with the Qadi Development Finance Committee in 1999; and no one can say what it was used for.<br /><br />Gcabashe says the two government Departments were reckless in their selection of the committee and ignored what had been agree on. In the end the Committee spent the money in a manner that was never part of the agreement.<br /><br />Acting Director in the Department of Land Affairs in KZN, Ms Thembeka Ndlovu, said while this matter has been under investigation for quite some time, nothing can be resolved in five days (given by the community). “The Department had committed itself to making available the said amount for land development. At the moment land to be developed has not been secured”, said Ms Ndlovu. <br /><br />The community was promised to be given land at Tafuleni in iNanda which belong to the Municipality, but has been occupied by illegal squatters who moved in and started building their houses without permission.<br /><br /></p>