Guidelines for Researchers using the Killie Campbell Africana Library


  • Researchers must sign the Visitors' Register each day upon entering the Reading Room.
  • All cell phones or beepers should be on silent or turned off at this time.


  • Researchers must complete blue request forms listing clearly each item required as well as the location number of the material requested.


  • Library and archival material can only be used by researchers in the Killie Campbell Africana Library reading room, and cannot be taken out on loan.
  • PENCILS ONLY are permitted for taking notes.
  • Researchers must exercise every precaution to prevent damage to the materials. Materials must not be marked on, leaned on, folded anew, traced, or handled in any way likely to result in damage. Materials must not be used as a writing surface. Loose sheets and bound pages should be handled with care. Any material containing staples, fasteners, or bindings must not be disassembled by researchers.
  • Documents and volumes must lie flat on the table.
  • The existing order and arrangement of the material in manuscript files must be maintained. If a mistake is discovered please call it to the attention of a staff member.
  • Photocopying of newspapers, archival material, and other fragile material, as well as rare items, is not permitted.
  • The scanning or photocopying of material is undertaken by library staff only. Library staff may refuse permission to scan any documents that staff believe will be damaged by scanning, disassembly, or excessive handling. Due to the damage that flattening a bound volume may cause, the scanning of photo albums, scrapbooks and other bound volumes is at the discretion of library staff.
  • The use of digital cameras for the copying of archival material is allowed with the permission of the Reading Room Librarian. There is a restriction of 10% on the amount of material that can be copied. Digital cameras are not permitted for copying photographs in the collection.
  • Use archival white gloves when viewing and handling photo albums and photographs. Archival white gloves will be provided by staff.
  • Hands should be clean and dry, and free from hand lotions, when handling library and archival material.


  • Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the Reading Room.
  • Loud talking and activities likely to disturb other researchers are prohibited in the Reading Room.
  • The use of cell phones and beepers is not permitted.
  • Reading Room hours (8.30am-4.30pm, weekdays; Saturday open between 8am-12pm- only on appointments) should be strictly observed.