Workshop 2 (13 Feb 2008)

Workshop 2 was held on 6 February 2008.

Jeff Guy, Eva Jackson, Percy Ngonyama, Mario Kraemer, and Giuliano Martiniello participated.

Percy introduced Jo Beal’s 'Cultural Weapons: Traditions, Inventions and the Transition to Democratic Governance in Metropolitan Durban’ Urban Studies, 43, 2, 2006.

An extended discussion took place, covering many aspects of contemporary and historical aspects of ubukhosi, and ways to conceptualise them. I think it was agreed that the traditional-democracy spectrum should be critically revisited, if not jettisoned as an explanatory tool. What to put in its place remains a challenge for the workshop.

Heli Guy was consulted about giving the TAP Workshop its own separate area on the Campbell website. She agreed and has been sent our email addresses. Please note that Giuliano is giving a seminar paper at CCS at 1230 on the 21 February on ‘The Land Question in South Africa: an historical and contemporary (policy) perspective from KwaZulu-Natal.’

Reading for next week:

Lungisile Ntsebeza, Democracy Compromised. Chiefs and the Politics of Land in South Africa, HSRC 2006.

Eva will give a short introduction before the discussion.