Workshop 1 (6 Feb 2008)

Our first Workshop was held on 6 February 2008.

At the moment it would seem that we should have it at Campbell on Wednesday mornings and that it should last from 10.00 to 1130.

Mario Kraemer, University of Siegen, introduced his new book 'Violence as Routine: Transformations of Local-Level Politics in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) ' and about his ongoing comparative research into chieftainship in Namibia and KZN.

It seems as if a concentration of our research thinking on the region now under the eThekwini municipality be a useful way to move forward.

Listening to the discussion I realise that while I have a good geographical vision of many of the rural parts of KZN, there are parts of Durban to which I have never been, and indeed find it difficult conceptualise geographically. I therefore propose, in the near future, that we spend a few hours in my car visiting, absorbing, getting to the outlying reaches of this municipality.

Reading for next week:

Jo Beal, 'Cultural Weapons: Traditions, Inventions and the Transition to Democratic Governance in Metropolitan Durban’ Urban Studies, 43, 2, 2006.

Percy will give a short introduction.