Student e-mail access from off-campus (These settings are for IE and may work for other browsers):

1. Go to the website.

2. Click on Login

3. Enter Student Number details in the following format: eg. and press Enter.

4. You will then receive a pop-up box to enter your login details

5. Again, enter Student Number details eg.

6. Enter your UKZN Lan password (the password you use when logging into a computer in the student Lan)

7. Thereafter you will be logged in to your Office365 e-mailbox.


myUKZN provides students & future alumni with a free 25GB mailbox, 25GB
online storage solution, instant messaging tools and much more!

25GB mailbox space
25GB password protected online storage using SkyDrive
instant messaging
a rich calendaring solution
a central place to view your other mail accounts
free use of Office Web Apps
spam free email