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1978 - 1995
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KCM 01/1/119/1-79. • Ad hoc meeting re monitoring pensions in the Durban area
• Ad hoc meeting in December 1983 (presumably with BS) with officers of (Department of) Manpower, UIF and Port Natal Administration Board, in response tro a BS memo
• Meeting (?1989) with a former employee of the Department of Welfare and Pensions in Ulundi, re the new IT system (presumably to be used in the administration of the pensions section).
• Record of a telephone call (May 1984) to Frank Mdlalose re pensioners who have not received their pensions for a year (May 1983 – May 1984)
• Information about a pensions seminar in Johannesburg in May 1984
• Information about a meeting (30 Octobere 1985) between the BS and a government delegation from Ulundi
• Information about a meeting of the Urbanisation working group on 6 June 1989
• Meeting of NACA (unidentified) regarding pensions (29 June 1989)

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