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Coloured Sunday School; rally etc; crowd scenes - cuts, August 1956

Mount Coke Hospital, January 1955

Cowe River and views - cuts, August1956

Wagon scenes; B. Shaw on trek - cuts, 6 March 1956

Shembe - cuts, undated

Advert shots, November 1958

["Skinning"?], spider on leaf, undated

Aerial Orlando, June 1944

Van Riebeeck Festival- cuts, July 1953

Odd cuts, November 1958

Assorted cuts, Johannesburg aerial views, maps etc, November 1958

Bags and packing, undated

Spider, undated

Anglo American, undated

Untitled, undated

Pathe News, undated

Departure of Duncan's mother, undated

Leader, undated

Zulu kraal, 1985

Titles, undated

Titles No. 2, undated

Mines, Anglo American, 1962

Untitled, undated

Untitled, undated

Test Film, undated

Test Film, undated

Filter Test, undated

Sound: voice and ripples of music, undated

Sound: test with music and voice, undated

Sound, undated

Negatives: Waterways Expedition, undated

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c1944 - 1972
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