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Rhodesia (Pioneer Column), June 1950

Rhodesia, March 1951

Rhodesia, July 1951

Rhodesia - rocks etc, July 1951

Rhodesia - floats , July 1951

Cecil Rhodes statue; [Sonoya?] Caves, December 1959

Kariba Dam, June 1961

Victoria Falls, March 1953

Victoria Falls, June 1963

Rhodes Monument and Old Mill, undated

Manguzi Hospital and Tongaland, June 1957

Victoria Falls, undated

Victoria Falls, Broken Hill, undated

Victoria Falls, Town Hill, undated

Victoria Falls, Bridge building, undated

Victoria Falls, undated

Mine, Western Province, test blasts, undated

Katz diamond, December 1964

Film of diamond, undated

Acrobats at show, December 1959

Acrobats at show, January 1960

Air crash, undated

Old Austin taxi from London, February 1955

Paintings, May 1957

Maps, June 1957

Storm scenes, June 1950

Rock background, June 1963

Fishing, undated

Eating fish?, undated

Trout fishing, October 1952

Ski-boats, April 1953

Rockey Coast, undated

Spare shots of eggs, undated

Motor racing and parachuting, undated

Motor bike racing; Native cycle, April 1955

Tree Trapdoors No. 1, 14 August 1972

Tree Trapdoors No. 2, 14 August 1972

Tree Trapdoors No. 3, 14 August 1972

Shaft sinking - cuts, September 1959

Aloes and view at Waterfall, August 1957

Girls' safari, May 1959

Serowe, June 1950

Diamond diggings and Waterval, April 1953

Western Drift, June 1961

Dennis Compton; Grants Flats, October 1952

Threlfall murder and desert scenes, August 1956

Mealies, April 1953

Susie, undated

Views of Kaffaland; Church Parade, Healtown - cuts, May 1957

Salem and Kingswood - cuts, August 1956

Coloured series, housing etc; church and school slums - cuts, August 1956

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c1944 - 1972
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Digital Index. Includes clips from Rhodesia, Victoria Falls, Diamond digging, fishing, acrobats, motor racing

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