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Durban Beach, January 1964

Scenes of Durban from Howard College; Rickshaws and Marine Parade; West Street and Church, June 1957

Valley of a Thousand Hills - moving water pipe into position, July 1949

Ramsgate, October 1957

Uvongo and Ramsgate, January 1964

South Coast and Steel Commando, May 1952

Youth Camp, Botha's Hill, May 1957

Kearsney College, June 1957

Epworth School, June 1957

Procession in Durban and City Hall Scenes, June 1957

Procession and outside City Hall, Durban, June 1957

Zulu Chief Ceremony, July 1949

Zulu Dancing (Shembe), April 1953

Zulu life, April 1953

Indaleni, Richmond - sewing displays, Training College exterior, July 1957

Native Minister in training, Alice, May 1957

Raw Natives [Xhosa], Mount Coke, May 1957

Bushmen, undated

Natives smelting copper, undated

EP Natives and Port St. Johns, May 1952

Scenic views, Pondoland and Transkei; Women in Durban, May 1957

Scenic views in Pondoland and Transkei, Healtown, G.V, May 1957

Mount Coke, August 1956

Indian Temple, April 1958

Indian Kavadi Ceremony, October 1956

Indian Festival, June 1956

Indian Festival, Jun 1956

Indian Church and Sunday School, June 1957

Old Man Pringle's 120th Birthday, July 1951

Old Man Pringle - over six score years, undated

Smuts' birthday, July 1951

Smuts' birthday and Bechuanaland Chiefs, June 1950

Smuts' memorial, February 1953

Ouma Smuts and miners (Copper mine, Johanneburg crowds), undated

Pretoria, undated

Pretoria Power Station and Union Buildings, May 1953

Brixton Tower, October 1963

Johannesburg, July 1944

Johannesburg, undated

University Rag, Johannesburg, undated

Vaal River and Swaziland, undated

St. Stithians College, Johannesburg, July 1957

Komatipoort, January 1953

Methodist Conference, Pretoria, June 1957

Royal Vist Illuminations, Johannesburg, June 1948

Royal Coach, July 1947

Lights and Royal Coach, July 1947

Sybil and Queen, undated

Royal Visit, Johannesburg; Vaal Dam, July 1947

Orange River in flood, undated

Orange River Area No. 1, April 1958

Orange River Area No. 2, April 1958

Bloemfontein Game Park, April 1955

Thabanchau, OFS, June 1957

Moroka, OFS, June 1957

Malamala, Wildebeest drinking, August 1957

Animal shots, Wankie, undated

White Rhino, undated

Game, Skukusa; Birds' nests, August 1956

Snake Park, PE, May 1952

Locust - "Locust Plague Menaces Africa" - British Paramount News, June 1951

Lion Trainer, July 1949

Sheep and insects; Tornado scenes, January 1953

Fish in tank, undated

Animal and Kalahari cuts, undated

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c1944 - 1964
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