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This is a list of all the albums in the Digital Library.

The historic photographic collection of the Campbell Collections comprises some 25,000 images, mainly black and white and sepia toned prints. A large portion of this collection is represented in a rich visual documentation of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, mainly of Natal and Zululand. Pictorial evidence is presented on a variety of topics relevant to the history and culture of southern Africa and its people.

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Album Code Album Title
a01 Album A1/001-014, Stevenson Album. BRN 309939
a02 Album A02-001-024 Natal Police. Book 2 BRN 309889
a03 Album A03/001-024 Natal Police. Book 1. Coronation Trip 1902. BRN 309445
a04 Album A4/001-016 Views of Durban and Natal. J. E. Middlebrook Photographer (Inscribed by W. A. Campbell, 14/8/1897) BRN 309534
a05 Album A05/001-023 Boer War. BRN 309890
a06 Album A06/001-048 South African War BRN 309433
a07 Album A07/001-048.Boer War. (Very few captions).BRN 309434.
a16 Album A16/001-043 Haig-Smellie Album No. 1[BRN 309941]
a20 Album A20/001-047 Boer War BRN 310014
a21 Album A21/001-136 Natal Illovo Sugar Estates/ Miscellaneous BRN 310015
a22 Album A22/001-034 Durban : old. BRN 310162
a23 Album A23/001-048 Mrs Bihl Album : Cape BRN 310017
a26 Album A26/001-024 Barberton, etc, album BRN 310045
a28 J. Haig-Smellie Album A28/001-041 BRN 310060
a29 Album A29/001-055 Railways Natal and Zululand 385 KC 1947 [BRN 310061]
a32 Album A32/001-021 Railways (Mainline, Transvaal) BRN 310064
a33 Album A33/001-018. Durban Harbour album BRN 310066
a35 Album A35/001-024 Natal Field Artillery album BRN 310142
a36 Album A36/001-046 Zululand Album BRN 310161
a37 Album A37/001-018 Northern Zululand and Tongaland Album 1BRN 310143
a39 Album A39/001-048. South Africa, Miscellaneous. BRN 310145.
a42 Album A42/001-024 Dinizulu etc. Including the Colenso Collection BRN 310154
a43 Album A43/001-050 Bihl Album, South Africa, various BRN 310156
a44 Album A44/001-054 Durban : Modern from 1900. BRN 310159
a45 Album A45/001-060 Old Durban : Miscellaneous BRN 310160
a46 Album A46/001-053 Durban : old BRN 310162
a47 Album A47/001-038 Durban Old up to 1900 Book 1 BRN 310163
a48 Album A48/001-051.Durban Old Up to 1900.Book 2 BRN 310164
a50 Album A50/001-054 Colenso. Album 5 BRN 311623
a54 Album A54/001-100 Mines and Railways etc.BRN 313045
a57 Album A57/001-024 Views of Natal. Challinor. BRN 349848
a59 A59/001-023 Basutoland, etc.BRN 309940
a60 Album A60/001-053 BRN 310404 Bantu 29552
a62 Album A62/001-041. Voortrekker Celebrations 1938.BRN 349852.
a63 Album A63/001-045 Zulu War Album 1 968.3 (BRN 310411)
a64 Album A64/001-051 ZULU WAR ALBUM 2 968.3 (BRN 310413)
a66 Album A66/001-024 Visit of the Press Delegates, Mt. Edgecombe 29600 [BRN 349855]
a68 Album A68/001-035 Durban: Old 29565 [BRN 349857]
a70 Album A70/001-024. Railway Stations 14931A (385) Book 3 BRN 349859
a73 Album a73/001-064 Durban Old Album 2 29587 BRN 349863 968.4
a74 Album A74-001-036 Zulus 1860's BRN 349864
a77 unknown
b01 Album B01/001-096 Boer War (and India) 968.04 [BRN309430]
b02 Album B02/001-065 South African War. Collections of original photographs of S.A. scenes, military, etc. 1900. Bulawayo. 968.04 [BRN 309429]
b10 Album B10/001-096 Challinor Album 968.4 [BRN 349934]
b16 Album B16/001-095 Bhambatha Rebellion 1906 Volume 1 968.4 [BRN 310495]
b17 Album B17/001-096 Bhambatha Rebellion Album 2 [BRN 349951]
b24 Album B24/001-026 Line family album BRN 350148
b25 Album B25/001-052 Natal Miscellaneous 29583 [BRN 350170]
b33 Album B33/001-061 Thomas Cassidy Album Natal/Zululand/ Mozambique BRN 350190
b35 Album B35/001-035. World War II. BRN 350195.
b39 Album B39/001-034 Views of Durban and surrounding scenery (1896)
b41 Album B41/001-055 Louw Album: Old Photographs of Natal [BRN309432]
b42 Album B42/001-096 Challinor Album 968.042 [BRN350214]
b45 Album B45/001-047 Boer War I (South African Pictures I) 968.4 [BRN 350223]
b47 Album B47/001-059 Mine Natives : recreation dancing Album 3 BRN350233
b48 Album b48/001-176 Missionary Album 4. BRN 350234.
b57 Album B57/001-046 Missionary Album No. 4 276 [BRN 350244]
b58 Album B58/001-179 Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London [BRN 350245]
b59 Album B59/001-038 Sugar Industry Album 4 633 [BRN 350247]
b61 Album B61/001-114 Views of Natal/ Advertisements 968.4 [BRN 350246]
b83 unknown
c01 Album C01/001-388 South African War, 1899-1902 [BRN 350284]
c03 Album C03/001-064 Scraps of Zululand, 1879 [BRN 350286]
c04 Album C04/001-018 May Hamilton Album, Natal 1884 [BRN 350294]
c07 Album C07/001-062 Zulu War Book 3 29621 968.3 (BRN 349861)
c11 Album C11/001-144 Natal 1881, Durban, First Boer War, Cetewayo, John Dunn, St Johns River, Barberton. 968.4 BRN 310618
c12 Album C12/001-039 Miscellaneous Natal 29678 [BRN350315]
c13 Album C13/001-038 Durban Wharf 29616 [BRN350316]
c18 Album C18/001-069 Thresh/ Thrash Family Album 920 [BRN 350371]
c20 Album C20/001-239 Boer War Album 968.04 (BRN 350400)
c28 Album C28/001-045 Natal Estates, Mt. Edgecombe 1945 Album 1 [BRN 350431]
c29 Album C29/001-023 Ladysmith and Cedara [BRN 350432]
c31 Album C31/001-011 Souvenir of Durban BRN 350434
c32 Album C32/001-046 Early Natal [BRN 350435]
c36 Album C36/001-138 H.G. Paget Family Album [BRN 350439
c39 Album c39/001-124 Keeler Album 15707 Scenes, views etc. of South Africa. BRN 350443 916.8
c42 Album C42/001-088 Boer War BRN 350445
c46 Album C46/001-070 BRN 310744. Bantu Album 2. 572.968
c47 Album C47/001-030. BRN 310745. View of Natal, Amatungulu Lodge Durban.
c49 Album C49/001-110 Zulu War 968.4 Album No 1 BRN 350462
c52 Album C52/001-396 Native Life in Western Pondoland Album 3 [BRN 350477]
c55 Album C55/001-019 Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders [BRN 350479]
c57 Album C57/001-158 Zulu War 572.9696 [BRN 350483]
c58 Album C58/001-166 Photographs of Natal and Zululand by B. Kisch, Durban-Natal, c1882 [BRN 350503]
c59 Album C59/001-106. BRN 310805 Old Natal. 968.4
c61 Album C61/001-068 Rorkes Drift Album 4 [BRN 350494]
c64 Album C64/001-100. A collection of photographs by Ian Knight, who visited the celebrations with a party of The Royal Regt. Of Wales' Old Comrades Association. May, 1979.
c66 Album C66 / 001-068 Album No. 13 [BRN 350513]
c75 Album C75 /001-066 Zimbabwe and Zulu War BRN 350521
d01 Album D1/001-132 Scenes in Durban during Boer war 1899-1902 (BRN 309413)
d02 Album D2/001-236 Boer War BRN 309185
d03 Album D03/001-119.South West Africa,Bechuana,Herero,Ovambo.BRN 309403.
d04 Album D04/001-280 Album: Natal Miscellaneous [BRN 309418]
d05 Album D05/001-138 Zulu Historical Places Book 1 BRN 309913
d06 Album D06/001-160. Zulu War 1879. BRN 309423.
d07 Album D07/001-231 Zulu Customs Book I 29500 [309425]
d09 Album D9/001-044 African Religion-Shembe 29453 [BRN 309393]
d10 Album D10/001-255 Zulu Customs: Book 2 [BRN 309409]
d11 Album D11/001-057 Old Durban Scrapbook 29807 [BRN 309396]
d12 Album D12/001-030/ Old Natal Scrapbook 968.4 [BRN 309398
d13 Album D13/001-147 Personalities 29479 A3 [BRN 309390]
d14 Album D14/001-086 Kimberley Etc. 29645 [BRN 309407]
d15 Album D15/001-137 Bechuanaland 29457 [BRN 309372]
d16 D16/001-010 Zululand 1870s-1894 968.3 [BRN 310824]
d18 Album D18/001-046 Progress of the African 29497 [BRN 309920]
d19 Album D19/001-088 Kaffir Wars 968.75 [BRN 309924]
d20 Album D20/001-106 Zulu War 14 [BRN 350535]
d21 Album D21/001-190 Northern Nigeria 1908 29817 [BRN 310827]
d22 Album D22/001-016 Portuguese East Africa Album 1 29487 [BRN 310 828]
d23 Album D23/001-231 Transvaal Tribes Album 1 [BRN 310829]
d24 Album D24/001-110 Cape Colony Bantu Book 2 (Pondos) Album 5 29471 BRN 350539 572.96863.
d25 Album D25/001-033. Swaziland Book 2. BRN310831.
d27 Album D27/001-089 South West Africa [BRN 350542]
d28 Album D28/001-060 Natal General BRN 310838 Album from Miss Nevill 916.84
d34 Album D34/001-197. Basutoland Customs.BRN 310846.
d37 Album D37/001-135 BRN 310011 Zulu Chiefs Album 3
d38 Album D38/001-252 Zulu War album and early photos of Durban No.6 [BRN 350567]
d43 Album D43/001-080 Eminent People. Album 1.BRN 350576
d45 Album D45/001-100 Album No. 1 Bushmen 29505 [BRN350578]
d46 Album D46/001-106 South Africa illustrated 1888 (BRN 350580)
d48 Album D48/001-154. Durban Harbour : bay beach BRN 350592
d54 Album D54/001-003 Education: Bantu Album 1 [BRN 350587]
d55 Album D55/001-030 Indians Album 1 [350588]
d59 Album D59/001-202. Swaziland. Book 1. BRN 310904.
d61 Album D61/001-125. Personalities and Groups.BRN310917.
d62 Album D62/001-193 Natal Historical Occasions BRN 310012
d66 Album D66/001-087 Historical Occassions Bantu 29490 968. 404(BRN 310930)
d67 Album D67/001-055 Miscellaneous B, Including Historical Monuments [BRN 350594]
d70 Album D70/001-120 Lloyd Photo Album BRN 310935
d72 Album D72/001-103 Barnett Collection Photographs Album 1 [350600]